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Brian Orakpo Portrait Shoot – NFL/Celebrity DC Portrait Photographer

This is a shoot from a couple of years ago but I wanted to post it to show the simplicity of the lighting and the ease of the set-up.  A good friend of mine is the team photographer for the Washington Redskins and as well as shooting game action he also handles some portrait assignments for them.  This one particular weekend he was out of town so he hit me up to shoot this quick portrait of Brian Orakpo.

NFL Pro Bowl - Brian OrakpoThe shoot was during Orakpo’s rookie season and the team needed some simple portraits to use in promotional materials, programs, tickets and other similar things.  I knew that I wasn’t going to have a lot of time with Brian so I got to the Redskins training facility early to get set up and be ready for his arrival.  He was over an hour late and I was told I would have even less time with him that I thought!  This is the situation where being prepared early was a blessing.

The shoot was set-up on the Redskins racket ball court (which thankfully has white walls so I wouldn’t need to bring a seamless backdrop) with only 2 lights lighting everything (the background and the subject).

Background & Lights;

The background, ceiling and walls of the racket ball court were all white so I knew there would be a lot of light bouncing around.  I aimed 2 Alienbee 1600’s into the ceiling and metered them to f/6.3 (taking meter readings at the spot where I was going to have Brian stand).  The background needed a little burning to make it 100% white (R 255, G 255, B 255) but other than that slight Photoshop work the exposure was perfect.  I set the camera to 1/160th of a second and f/6.3 and shot away.

Here is one use of the picture that the Redskins used;

Brian Orakpo Tear Sheet

Not the best printing job (colours are a little off) but a clean extraction.  Its always surprising to see the random ways your images are used.

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