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Ted Hughes – Chef Portrait – Commercial Studio Shoot

Just over a year ago I received a call from a marketing company in Minnesota who was handling an ad for a catering brand.  They needed a portrait of a chef to to be included in an advert that they were coordinating.  Thy needed it to be photographed on white seamless so that they could extract him and simply add him to their ad.  They also needed him to be photographed at his place of work as he was too busy to come to my studio.  So I packed up my gear and headed to Washington Golf and Country Club in Arlington, VA.  Ted is the Executive Chef of Washington Golf and Country Club and an very nice human being.  Once I arrived he plied me with coffee (as it was far too early in the a.m. for me) and when I was leaving he loaded me up with home-chef-made cranberry sauce and some spicy Italian sausages.  I was taken aback at his generosity and all I can say is that this guy can make incredible tasting food!

Washington, DC Chef - Commercial Portrait

Above is the shot that was chosen for the advert and it just happened to be one of the ones I was happiest with.  I love it when that happens but more often that not it works the other way around.

Here was my set up…

And here is the final ad (with my contribution in the bottom right)…

As you can see it was a pretty simple set-up.  We shot about 50 pics which Ted turned a couple different ways and with his hands in different positions.  Even when a client limits you (e.g. 3/4 length shot on a white seamless background) it is still good to give them as much variety as you can so that they can choose the best image(s) that will work for them.

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