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Eric Schulze PhD, Molecular Biologist & Entrepreneur

Washington DC Photographer : Stephen Gosling Photography

Eric is by far the most intelligent person I have ever met.  And he makes me feel incredibly lazy with all that he does compared to all that I do.

I came across Eric on Twitter and quickly became very interested in him and a project he is involved in; Ideaspace.  You really need to check out the Ideaspace website to get the gist of it far better than I will be able to convey.  And awesomely, they let us use their not yet finished space for our shoot.  A blank canvas that is huge; hello dream studio!

The day of our shoot I arrived with one set-up in mind; I brought an orange 5ft seamless and I planned to use a ring-flash for some brightly lit headshots, but apart from that I knew I wanted to shoot at least two other set-ups in an environmental style and I wasn’t sure what they would be until I arrived.

Set-up 1; The entryway/welcome area



Scientist-Photo-Shoot-002 Scientist-Photo-Shoot-001

Set-up 2; Brick wall in the entryway/welcome area




Set-up 3; Orange seamless



Scientist-Photo-Shoot-004 Scientist-Photo-Shoot-005

Set-up 4; Unfinished Ideaspace work area, maker-lab location



Scientist-Photo-Shoot-006 Scientist-Photo-Shoot-007

The gear I brought;


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