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That time I went to the White House and forgot to blog about it

Washington DC Editorial Photographer : Stephen Gosling Photography

About 18 months ago I got my first chance to go to the White House.  I have no idea why it has taken me so long to post these pictures, but it has; deal with it.

The Minnesota Lynx won the WNBA championship in 2011 (and also 2013) and when ever a professional sports team wins a final they usually go to the White House and present the current president with a jersey.  And that is what I was their to shoot.

Having never been to White House before I was actually a little nervous (for no real reason).  Once I got through security and found where I was supposed to be (the East Room I think), it was a great experience.  It’s just such a cool thing to get to see some of the things I get to see, under the auspices of being a photographer.

Minnesota Lynx White House Visit Minnesota Lynx White House Visit Minnesota Lynx White House Visit

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