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Washington Capitals Winter Classic Jerseys

Washington DC Photographer : Stephen Gosling Photography

So here is how this went down…

September 17th at 2pm;
Capitals Marketing Department – Stephen are you available for a  shoot tomorrow morning?  We need to shoot a few portraits of some players in the winter classic jerseys.
Me – Sure, what time.
Capital Marketing Department – Setup at 9am, we’ll shoot after practice around 11am.  Do you have a background that will match the Jerseys; they’re kind of maroon in colour.
Me – I don’t have one but I’ll see what I can do.  See you in the morning.
Capitals Marketing Department – See you then.

September 17th at 3pm;
Me – Hey, do you have any 9ft seamless backdrops in stock?
Ace Photo in Ashburn – We do; what colour do you need?
Me – What ever colour will go with a maroon clad subject.
Ace Photo in Ashburn – The best we can do is flame.
Me – Then that will do.

I pick up the background at 4.30pm and then I pack the gear for the shoot in the morning.  Then the dread sets in.  Flame is nowhere close to maroon.  Oh well, too late now.

It just so happened that by a fluke of luck, the jerseys were less maroon than I was anticipating and the background worked out!

Washington-Capitals-Winter-Classic-Jerseys 2014-2015-Photo-Shoot-01

My friend Patrick from PatchBay Media did me a huge favour and came and did some video of me shooting which I will have up on the site soon-ish.  And my assistant Rodney snapped some BTS pics for me too.  Thanks for the help guys!

Washington-Capitals-Winter-Classic-Jerseys 2014-2015-Photo-Shoot-02

*** Update 2015/09/15 ***  Behind the scenes video is here!

Washington Capitals Winter Classic Portrait Shoot | Behind the Scenes from Stephen Gosling Photography on Vimeo.

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