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CEO Portrait Shoot for Financial Services Company

Washington DC Photographer : Stephen Gosling Photography

Way back in February a client of mine needed some portraits of their CEO for their annual report.  “Awesome” I think to myself, as all I usually do for this client is the standard grey seamless background corporate portrait.  For this shoot I’ll be able to do things a little different and give them some choices.

In lieu of a site visit I get there nice and early and scope out the areas we have to work with.
1.  An open conference room area in an adjoining building.
2.  An area by the entrance to their office with an interesting painting to use as the background.
3.  And finally I bring a nice bright coloured seamless background to give them a ‘studio’ look without it being grey.

I know I want to shoot mostly everything with one light, just so it will be easy to travel from location to location as the CEO can’t give me all day for the shoot.  I have my key light be the same for all the shots.  A gridded medium softbox that will be aimed relatively close and above the subject via my trusty boom light-stand.  I also bring an additional light to use as a rim light/background light depending on the situation.

Location #1
I like the lines going on in the background.  I like the ambient sunlight coming through the window.  I’m happy.

Washington DC CEO Photo Shoot Washington DC CEO Photo ShootLocation #2
I like this painting.  I think it looks cool in two ways, cool as in cold and cool as in interesting.  I thought it would be a nice switch up from the previous shots as they were much warmer in tone.

Washington DC CEO Photo Shoot

Location #3
Red seamless.  Nice and easy.

Washington DC CEO Photo Shoot

And then…  the client throws in a 4th location; they want a shot with a very low depth-of-field, with a “greenery” background, lit using only a reflector.

Washington DC CEO Photo Shoot

I send the client a gallery of choices – probably around 50 different shots from all 4 locations and the 1 photo that the client chooses…  You guessed it…  The last one, with no lighting, just a reflector.  HA!  All that work and the simplest is their favourite; it just goes that way sometimes.  But as long as the client is happy, I’m happy!  The client chose the colour version of the shot above but I prefer it in black and white.  You have to remember that everything is subjective and that your favourites are not always going to be the ones ordered.  Again; make your client happy!!!

DC Commercial Portrait Photographer

And a big thanks to Rodney for assisting (holding said reflector) and snapping the behind the scenes shots for me.

Everything shot with a Canon Eos 5d Mark 3, 24-70mm f2.8 V2 lens + 85mm f1.2 Lens.

Contact Stephen – info@goslingphoto.com
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