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Justine, One Light Editorial Portraits

Washington DC Portrait Photographer : Stephen Gosling Photography

A friend who occasionally helps me out with photo shoots runs an online magazine with some awesome content, which you should absolutely check out; Stereo Champions.  Justine writes articles for Stereo Champions and after checking out her instagram and blog I reached out to her to propose a quick editorial photo shoot.

I often go into shoots ‘cold’.  Meaning that I have not been able to do a site visit and I have no idea what I am going to be able to setup or what the environment looks likes.  So when I set myself personal assignments I often have the subject choose the location (to make it convenient for them) and then I pick locations on the fly.  Justine picked Reston, VA which I had never been to.

Walking around upon arrival I saw this American Flag painted on the side of a building and new I wanted that to be setup #1.

ISO: 200, Aperture: 5.6, Shutter: 1/200.

editorial-1-light-portraits-001 editorial-1-light-portraits-002

For this second shot I moved Justine closer to the light so the flag and the wall would be darker which then means I increase the aperture number so the exposure on Justine is correct;
ISO: 200, Aperture: 16, Shutter: 1/200.


Next we moved over to a trail that is on the side of Reston Town Center so that I could work with the sun in the background;
ISO: 200, Aperture: 13, Shutter: 1/200.


And finally we moved onto this bridge.  I wanted to work with the symmetry and leading lines of the bridge and the sun as a rim/background light;
ISO: 250, Aperture: 9, Shutter: 1/100.


Rotate 90 degrees for the sun to be in the background and we have out final shot;
ISO: 250, Aperture: 7.1, Shutter: 1/100.

editorial-1-light-portraits-005And thanks to Justine for having a friend grab a behind-the-scenes shot.  Here you can see the umbrella I am shooting a strobe through.


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