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Honor Flight Portland, Photographing WWII Veterans

Washington DC Commercial Photographer : Stephen Gosling Photography

A good friend and fellow photographer; Mary-Kate McKenna has a rule regarding photography and non-profits. It goes something like this… “If everyone who is there, for said non-profit; is being paid, then they should have a budget for a photographer. If everyone there is a volunteer and not getting paid, then the same goes for me”. I think I butchered that but thats the basic gist.

So when Honor Flight Portland got in touch with me and were asking about my fees, and then being disappointed about not being able to afford them we had a little chat and thats when I discovered that it is a completely volunteer organization. And being that the subject matter is pretty cool, I volunteered as well.

A very interesting way to spend a few hours.

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Had some good conversations with these veterans. The one that will stick in my mind is being told the British landing crafts for the D-Day invasion were better than the American landing crafts because they had the ability to make tea.  I suppose it’s the small pleasures in life after all.

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