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The Player-Manager AKA Soccer-Man to the Rescue!

Washington DC Advertising Photographer : Stephen Gosling Photography

This past summer I asked Jake if he wouldn’t mind helping me out with a shoot idea. And despite close to 100 degree weather Jake obliged.  After taking some time off earlier in the summer I shot a couple of personal shoot ideas to get the creative juices flowing again; I highly recommend doing this!

So for our “Soccer-Man” shoot which I am retroactively renaming “The Player-Manager”:

For this shoot, 2 lights.  Technically 3 if you include the sun.  The sun is high and behind subject to camera left.  A bare strobe with an orange gel is also high and behind subject to camera right.  And finally we have a strobe with a silver beauty dish key-lighting our subject high, in-front and slightly to camera right.  Photographed as always with Canon 5D3 and 70-200mm Lens.  Settings; ISO 100, 1/200 shutter speed and f/13.

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